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Last updated: September 13, 2023

Article 1: Purpose and Presentation of the Platform
Article 2: Modification of these Terms and Evolution of Services
Article 3: Definitions
Article 4: Registration on the platform and account creation
Article 5: Reservation / order terms
Article 6: Possible actions on reservations
Article 7: Life of the Contract
Article 8: Applicable provisions to all Users
Article 9: Specific Conditions for Service Providers
Article 10: Financial Conditions and Payment
Article 11: Compliance with Tax and Social Obligations
Article 12: Non-discrimination Policy
Article 13: User-Generated Content Policy
Article 14: Intellectual Property
Article 15: Personal Data Protection Policy
Article 16: Cookie Policy
Article 17: Hypertext Links
Article 18: Electronic Solicitation
Article 19: Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, and Dispute Resolution
Article 20: General Provisions
Article 21: Specific Conditions for the Use of Videoconferencing Service
Article 22: Customer Service, Feedback, and Suggestions
Article 23: Legal Notices

Article 1: Purpose and Presentation of the Platform

1.1 Purpose:
These provisions consist of the general terms of use, services, and sale, as well as specific conditions and policies that will be individually or collectively referred to as "General Conditions" in the following developments. These constitute a legally binding agreement that binds you to MEETZEM, particularly through the management of your access to the Platform and your use of it. By browsing the Site and/or using the Platform MEETZEM service(s), you automatically and unconditionally accept these general conditions as a User, and you commit to rigorously abide by them. If you do not agree to the conditions below, we thank you for not using the MEETZEM Platform in any way.

1.2 Description:
MEETZEM is an online marketplace platform allowing its Users with an Account – also referred to as "Members" – to offer and/or book services for meetings and friendly discussions with other Users (Service Providers). These providers offer their services by listing Services that Members of MEETZEM can access, particularly on the Site.

1.3 Services Available on MEETZEM:
The services currently offered on the Platform involve members meeting each other for the purpose of engaging in friendly discussions.

1.4 Responsibilities:
MEETZEM acts as an operator of the Platform that facilitates the connection between Users. As creators of the listings published on the Platform, Service Providers are solely responsible for the accuracy and compliance of their content, as well as their ability to deliver the services offered. When a Service Provider accepts a reservation request from a User, they electronically enter into a contract directly, without any involvement from MEETZEM. By using the Platform and accepting these General Conditions, you acknowledge that MEETZEM is not a party to any agreement concluded between you and other Members. The Platform operator, as an intermediary, does not intervene at any point in the execution of reserved services and cannot be held responsible for the performance and progression of a service.

1.5 Beneficiary Countries:
Reservations on the Platform are accessible to Users located in the United States of America, metropolitan France, French Overseas Departments or Regions (DROM), and Overseas Collectivities (COM). Access to the Platform remains technically possible outside the mentioned territory; however, the Platform is not yet available in other territories, and potential Users who access it assume full responsibility for the risks they take when making a reservation. Listing a service on the Platform is accessible to providers with a bank account in one of the following countries:
• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Canada
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France (Metropolitan France + overseas regions and departments (Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte))
• Germany
• Greece
• Hong Kong
• Hungary (only supported for marketplaces within Hungary and using HUF)
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Mexico (only supported for marketplaces within Mexico or the USA)
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Singapore
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom
• United States

Article 2: Modification of these Terms and Evolution of Services

2.1 Procedure:
With the aim of continually improving the operation and quality of the Platform, MEETZEM may evolve the characteristics and features offered at any time. MEETZEM reserves the right to unilaterally update these General Conditions and related policies.
These general conditions formalize the entirety of the agreement between clients, providers, and the Platform regarding the use of services offered by MEETZEM. Any other documentation, particularly any mention or wording on the Platform (e.g., FAQs, blog articles, etc.), serves only for informational purposes and does not override these General Conditions.

2.2 Prior Notification to Members:
Any modification to the General Conditions will be published on the dedicated page for the Platform's General Conditions along with the date of the last update, indicated at the top of this page. In the absence of objection by the User or Service Provider within this period, the modifications will be considered as read and accepted. In case of objection or refusal, the General Conditions will be immediately terminated, and the User or Service Provider must cease using the Platform, subject to the complete execution of ongoing obligations related to reservations prior to the update of the General Conditions, for example.

2.3 Regular Checking of Possible New Versions:
We generally encourage you to regularly check these General Conditions to ensure that any potential changes are acceptable to you. You will be deemed to have accepted the modifications made to the General Conditions after the update is posted on the Platform, provided that you continue to access and use the Platform.

Article 3: Definitions

The following definitions apply to the entirety of these terms and conditions:

"Client" refers to any registered User using the Platform to be connected with a Service Provider in order to benefit from a Service. The Client acts as the User who initiated the booking and is responsible for the payment.

"Commission" refers to the commission, excluding VAT, payable by a Service Provider to MEETZEM, in accordance with the specific conditions for Service Providers (available in Article 9). It is calculated based on the total VAT-inclusive amount paid by a Client to a Service Provider for a Service booked on MEETZEM.

"Account" refers to the account that must be created to become a Member of MEETZEM and access the services offered by the Platform.

"STRIPE Connected Account" refers to a Service Provider who has agreed to the STRIPE Connected Account Services Agreement and has been approved by STRIPE to receive STRIPE CONNECT Services.

"PAYPAL Connected Account" refers to a Service Provider who has agreed to the PAYPAL Services Agreement and has been approved by PAYPAL to receive PAYPAL Services.

"Terms and Conditions" individually or collectively refer to this documentation, consisting of the general terms and conditions, specific conditions, and policies.

"Contract" refers to this document that defines the terms under which Users can book or offer services on MEETZEM. It formalizes the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship between the different parties: Clients, Service Providers, and MEETZEM.

"STRIPE Services Agreement" refers to the STRIPE Connected Account Services Agreement, which includes the STRIPE terms of use (see 10.4).

"Booking Confirmation" refers to the confirmation notification sent by the Service Provider and received by the Member via the MEETZEM instant messaging system and the email address provided during account creation. Once this confirmation is sent, the order is officially validated and the electronic contract is concluded between the Service Provider and the Member initiating the booking request.

"Content" or "User-generated Content" refers to all messages, comments, information, or data posted on the Platform by Users.

"Data Protection Officer (DPO)" refers to your contact in the MEETZEM team for any questions related to data and their management.

"Personal Data" refers to all information and data related to an identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly. This can include, for example, name, photo, fingerprint, postal address, email address, phone number, social security number, or IP address.

"Intellectual Property Rights" refers to all intellectual property rights worldwide, whether already registered or to be registered in France, the European Union, or globally. This includes copyrights, database rights, domain name rights, registered designs, patents, trade names, among others.

"MEETZEM" refers to a registered trademark owned by the company MEETZEM, located at 153A rue Cardinet 75017 Paris, registered with the Trade and Companies Register under the number 909 639 528.

"STRIPE Payment Fees" refers to the charges billed to the MEETZEM Platform for managing and processing payments generated by User interactions on the site. These fees are not billed to Service Providers and are included in the MEETZEM commissions.

"Platform Operator" refers to any natural or legal person providing, on a professional basis, a paid or unpaid online public communication service based on ranking or referencing, using computer algorithms, content, goods, or services offered or posted by third parties; or connecting multiple parties for the sale of goods, provision of services, or exchange or sharing of content, goods, or services, in accordance with the definition provided by Article L. 111-7 of the Consumer Code.

"Platform" refers to the website available on web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. It serves as a matchmaking platform for Service Providers to offer their services and Users to book them online.

"Payment Service Provider (PSP)" refers to a credit institution or a specialized payment institution whose role as an intermediary is to authorize, organize, verify, and regulate interbank payments. PSPs enable third parties (e.g., e-commerce websites) to accept online payments, usually made with a credit card. PSPs ensure and guarantee the transfer of funds from users. In return for this service, PSPs are remunerated with a percentage calculated on the transaction amount, in addition to a fixed fee. MEETZEM uses the services of the PSP STRIPE and the PAYPAL provider, major and recognized players in the industry, to manage all payments on its Platform.

"Service Provider" refers to any Member who posts and offers a service listing on the MEETZEM Platform, operating on an individual basis. By posting a listing, the Service Provider understands and agrees to provide the services they wish to offer via the MEETZEM Platform.

"Service" refers to a service offered and booked on the MEETZEM Platform, provided by a Service Provider to a Member, either in a public meeting place or via video conference if applicable.

"Price" refers to the price, including all taxes and commissions, requested by the Service Provider for a given listing, and desired by the Member making the reservation.

"Personal Data Regulation" refers to both Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, applicable from May 25, 2018 (hereinafter "General Data Protection Regulation"), and the "Informatique et Libertés" law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, modified by Law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004.

"Reservation" refers to any reservation requested by a Member from a Service Provider offering their services on the MEETZEM Platform, regardless of location and terms.

"MEETZEM Services" refers to both the online directory service and the reservation request service provided to Members via the Platform.

"STRIPE Services" refers to all payment management services provided by STRIPE to Users of the MEETZEM Platform and its operator. These services include, in particular, the acceptance, validation, and processing of payments via STRIPE CONNECT.

"Site" refers to the website developed, managed, and maintained by MEETZEM and accessible at the address, as well as all of its subdomains.

"STRIPE" refers to the limited liability company Stripe Payments Europe Ltd, organized under the laws of Ireland, providing STRIPE Services to Users of the MEETZEM Platform and its operator.

"User" refers to any natural person who has created an Account on the MEETZEM Platform, whether a client and/or a service provider.

"Visitor" refers to any natural person browsing the MEETZEM Platform without creating a MEETZEM account. The core functionalities of the Platform are not available in this case, including booking, creating listings, or using the MEETZEM instant messaging system. Listing pages can still be viewed but cannot be booked until a MEETZEM Account with a verified email has been created.

"You," "Your" refers to you as a User of the Platform, potentially browsing, offering, and/or booking services.

Article 4: Registration on the Platform and Usage

4.1 Access and Usage of the Platform
Access to and usage of the MEETZEM Platform are subject to the creation of a MEETZEM account. In order to register on the Platform, you must be a natural person aged at least 18 years (in France), recognized according to the laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence to have the capacity to enter into contracts. Any registration on the Platform by a minor is strictly prohibited. You commit to strictly comply with the applicable laws. When creating your Account, you agree to provide accurate personal information and keep it up to date through your profile or by notifying the Platform, in order to ensure the relevance and accuracy of this information throughout your contractual relationship with MEETZEM. The future Member also commits to the Platform that they have both the authority and capacity to request the creation of an Account and use the services offered.

4.2 Creation of a MEETZEM Account:
The Platform allows its Members to view, publish, and book Listings and interact with each other in this context. Listings can be viewed even without a MEETZEM User account; however, publishing, booking, and interacting about Listings are only possible for Members who have previously created an account validated by MEETZEM. The creation of a User account on the platform is done by filling out a number of mandatory fields on the registration form available on the Platform's homepage. The information to be provided includes, for example, the name, first name(s), date of birth, or email address. This list is not exhaustive and is provided for illustrative purposes only. Any creation of a Member's account implies the prior acceptance of all these present General Terms and Conditions, which are in force at the time of registration. This prior acceptance is indicated during the account creation process by checking the acceptance box for the General Terms and Conditions and related policies.

4.3 Verification of Provided Information:
With a view to transparency, improving trust, and preventing/detecting fraud, MEETZEM may, subject to compliance with applicable laws, carry out additional checks regarding the identity of its Members or their information, such as contact details or claimed experiences. Without this list being exhaustive or limiting, the checks carried out by MEETZEM may take the form of requests for identity verification or background checks with supporting documents, consultation of external databases, or other sources of information to verify the existence of its Members, or even obtaining extracts from central criminal and/or sexual offense files (or equivalents) from local competent authorities, subject to availability. Due to the difficulties involved in verifying identity remotely or online, MEETZEM cannot confirm with certainty the identity of a Platform Member. Users are also informed that the Platform may request additional information in order to confirm previously obtained or otherwise verified data, and agree to respond favorably to any such requests.

4.4 MEETZEM Certifications:
At its discretion, the Platform may issue "certifications" to certain Members of the Platform, once this functionality is developed and available. You confirm that you have been informed that any reference on the Platform to "certified" accounts, regardless of the terminology used, only refers to the fact that the Member in question has successfully passed the verification procedure implemented by MEETZEM and aims solely to provide more information about the relevant Member. The Platform cannot engage or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information that has been subject to verification.

4.5 Access to the Platform and its Features:
The creation of a Member's Account temporarily entitles you to access the Platform, the services, or features it offers, including viewing listings, displaying User-generated content, or saving information on the Platform. Following the creation of a User or Service Provider account, MEETZEM reserves the right to subject access to and usage of the Platform or certain features to specific conditions or requirements, such as additional verification procedures or meeting certain eligibility criteria, at its sole discretion.

4.6 Protecting Your MEETZEM Account:
When creating your Account on the platform, you undertake with MEETZEM to keep your login information strictly confidential and not to disclose it to anyone. In case of loss or disclosure of your password, you will inform MEETZEM immediately so that necessary protective measures can be taken. You will remain solely responsible for any potentially fraudulent use of your account by a third party until you have notified MEETZEM of such loss or disclosure. In return, MEETZEM undertakes to take the necessary measures to find a solution to this situation as soon as possible (e.g., changing the password or temporarily suspending the account). By this agreement, you also undertake not to create or use, under your own identity or that of a third party, other accounts than the one created during your initial registration.

4.7 Cases of Access Removal and/or Order Cancellation:
The User understands that the Platform reserves the right to remove access and/or cancel a reservation if the implemented checks turn out to be inconclusive. The Platform Operator may act in this way in case of failure of fraud prevention or solvency checks, for example, or in case of suspicion of fraud or money laundering by you or someone accessing your account, or in case of non-compliant behavior such as insults or denigration of other members, whether on the MEETZEM platform or external platforms. In accordance with the provisions of the previous article, we remind you that the User will be considered solely responsible for any potentially fraudulent use of their account by a third party until the Platform has been informed of such loss or disclosure.

4.8 Information on Service Rankings:
At present, the display of results on the Platform's search page is based on a geographical proximity criterion. In general, results can also be displayed more specifically according to Users' needs. There are many possible search filters, allowing Users, for example, to display results by gender or meeting criteria.

4.9 Functioning of Service Ratings (Ratings and Comments):
MEETZEM ratings and comments are subject to strict regulations and can only be written by Clients who have actually received a service via the Platform. This ensures the reliability of the rating system and the authenticity of comments written by MEETZEM Users. When a service has been definitively validated as completed, meaning without any anomalies reported within twenty-four (24) hours following the service, a rating request is sent to the Client to provide feedback on the service. This rating can be submitted by the Client for seven (7) days, after which submission will no longer be possible. To submit your review, you can go to the page of your reservation. In the dedicated MEETZEM instant messaging, a link will be available for you to leave your review twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the service and up to seven (7) days after. After this period, the review link will no longer be available.

Article 5: Reservation / Order Modalities

5.1 Connecting to Your MEETZEM Account:
If you wish to place an order on the Platform, you must do so through the website. For all matters related to creating a MEETZEM account, you can refer to Article 4 "Registration on the Platform and Account Creation."

5.2 Browsing the Platform and Viewing Listings:
Once connected to your MEETZEM Account, you can navigate the Site (on PC, tablet, or mobile). You can then view all the Listings offered on MEETZEM. To access Listings, you can select a location in the dedicated search bar.

5.3 Selecting the Desired Listing:
By clicking on a listing, you will access the listing's page, which will provide you with all the available details and information about the person offering the service. We encourage you to always read the Listings' descriptions carefully to ensure they meet your needs. If you wish to book the Listing, you can check its availability on the same page.

5.4 Preparing a Reservation Request:
Once the desired listing is selected, the User must choose an available date and time slot.

5.5 Sending the Reservation Request:
To send the reservation request, the User must first check the "I reserve" box. This step will take the User to a summary page of the ongoing reservation. Here, the User must enter their payment details and can also choose to send a message to the Service Provider to accompany their reservation via the MEETZEM instant messaging. The right side summarizes all the key reservation information. Once this information has been carefully reviewed by the User, they must check the "I agree to the agreement" box and can then click on the "Confirm Payment" button.

5.6 Processing of the Reservation Request by the Service Provider:
Pressing the green "Confirm Payment" button automatically generates an email to the chosen Service Provider to inform them of the reservation request. The Service Provider will review the reservation request and may accept it if it is compatible with their schedule. For the purposes of this example, let's assume that the Service Provider accepts the reservation request. In case of refusal, the client who initiated the reservation request would have been directly notified by email of the rejection of their reservation request.

5.7 Validation and Confirmation of Reservation:
Once the reservation request is officially validated and accepted by the Service Provider, a confirmation email is sent to the concerned client to inform them of the Service Provider's decision. This confirmation email contains all the essential information about the completed reservation, including the date, time slot, and price of the service. Once this confirmation is sent, the order is officially deemed validated, and the electronic contract is concluded. Both parties can then communicate via the MEETZEM messaging system to agree on the exact meeting location. Both parties agree not to exchange phone numbers to communicate before the meeting; all communication must be conducted through the MEETZEM messaging system. This messaging system will be decisive in case of disputes. If both parties communicate to agree on the meeting outside of the MEETZEM messaging system, it will be considered that the meeting did indeed take place.

5.8 Fulfillment of the Reserved Service:

On the agreed day and time, the reserved meeting is provided by the Service Provider. At the end of the meeting (scheduled end time), a twenty-four (24) hour period is granted to the Parties to inform the Platform Operator of any issues or disputes related to the reserved meeting. If no action is taken by the User or the Service Provider within this twenty-four (24) hour period, the meeting is considered validated. The Platform Operator then informs the payment service provider (PSP) that the payment for the service can be processed, and the credit card imprint taken at the time of booking is used.

For other possible actions regarding reservations, such as modifications and cancellations, please refer to the following article "Possible Actions on Reservations" for further details on the subject. In general, the order procedure is designed to allow you to review and potentially correct any errors made during entry before submitting the order. We therefore encourage you to carefully review and verify the data in your reservation request before submitting it to the desired Service Provider.

Article 6: Possible Actions on Reservations

6.1 Modification(s) of Reservation:

Members, both Users and Service Providers, are responsible for all reservation modifications they may request from the Platform and commit to making payment for any additional charges, fees, and/or taxes generated by the requested modification.

6.2 Cancellation of Reservation at the Initiative of the Client and Conditions:

Members who have booked a service on the MEETZEM Platform can request to cancel a confirmed reservation by the respective Service Provider at any time, subject to compliance with the applicable cancellation conditions for reservations. These conditions stipulate that a cancellation can be made without any penalty up to 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the service. Once validated, the cancellation request made by the Member leads to the cancellation of the payment card imprint chosen for payment. If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the service, it incurs a penalty equivalent to 25 (twenty-five) percent of the reservation price. In the event that a Client wishes to cancel a reservation request they have made to a Service Provider and the latter has not yet responded to the request, please feel free to contact our Reservation Service directly via the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website.

6.3 Cancellation of Reservation at the Initiative of the Service Provider:

The Service Provider may cancel a reserved service at any time without penalty and without having to justify their decision. However, we draw the Service Provider's attention to the importance of maintaining a professional attitude at all times. This may involve providing specific guidance to Clients who request cancellations, such as offering an alternative time slot for the service. The Platform will also monitor repeated late cancellations, which could significantly degrade the User experience and the image of the Platform and other Providers operating through it.

6.4 Cancellation at the Initiative of the Platform:

In certain cases, the request for cancellation of the reservation may come from the Platform, at its discretion. In such cases, the Platform is authorized to proceed with reimbursement and/or cancellation of the related payment intent. This cancellation may occur at any time and will be done without charges. The Platform undertakes to inform the User and the Service Provider of this cancellation as soon as possible. Both parties understand and accept that MEETZEM may not always provide reasons for the cancellation, especially in cases where this information would hinder or interfere with fraud detection or illegal activities, would compromise the legitimate interests of other Members or third parties, or would violate applicable laws. A cancellation initiated by the Platform always allows the concerned Service Provider or User to appeal the decision made by the Platform. In this case, they must directly contact the MEETZEM Reservation Service, reachable via the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website, including the following information:

  • Their name,
  • Their first name,
  • Their email address,
  • Their mobile phone number,
  • The reasons motivating their request to suspend the reservation cancellation. The response to this request remains entirely at the discretion of the MEETZEM Platform, which may decide whether or not to grant the request.

6.5 Right of Withdrawal - Article L. 121-21-8 of the Consumer Code (exercise or exclusion)

The right of withdrawal allows the consumer who has entered into a contract through an online commerce site to withdraw within 14 days, meaning they can change their mind without having to provide justification. In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code, the withdrawal procedures depend on the period between the request and the initial reservation date of the relevant Listing. The procedures are described below.

6.6 Withdrawal request within a period equal to or less than 14 days after the purchase date:

If the withdrawal request is made within a period less than the permissible cancellation period (i.e., 24 hours in accordance with the cancellation policy), the amount of the reserved Listing on this occasion will be fully due to the extent of twenty-five (25) percent by the Client, which the Client understands and accepts hereby.

6.7 Withdrawal request within a period exceeding fourteen (14) days after the purchase date:

In accordance with Articles L.221-18 and following of the Consumer Code, withdrawal is no longer possible, and the amount paid at the time of booking is fully due by the Client, which the Client understands and accepts hereby.

6.8 Reservation more than fourteen (14) days from the request:

If the appointment takes place more than fourteen (14) days from the date of the request, the User benefits from a right of withdrawal under Articles L.221-18 and following of the Consumer Code, without the need to justify reasons or pay penalties.

6.9 Refund period following exercise of the right of withdrawal:

MEETZEM will proceed with the refund of the Client who has exercised their right of withdrawal - and whose withdrawal has been taken into account - within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days from the formulation of the withdrawal.

6.10 Exercise of the right of withdrawal:

In all cases, the User must exercise their right of withdrawal within a period of fourteen (14) days from the day following the order, expiring at the last hour of the last day of the period. The User must then inform MEETZEM by directly contacting the Reservation Service via the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website, including the following information:

  • Their name,
  • Their first name,
  • Their email address,
  • Their order number,
  • Their mobile phone number,
  • Their request for a refund. MEETZEM undertakes to respond to the Client as soon as possible after this request, and the date of sending the withdrawal request email is decisive for determining the validity of the request. In the event of acceptance of the withdrawal request, MEETZEM will directly cancel the payment intent validated as part of the reservation, without any fees.

6.11 Desynchronization of withdrawal/cancellation/refund request and payment:

In the case of a service for which a valid withdrawal/cancellation or refund right has been requested and for which payment has already been received by the respective Service Provider, the Service Provider understands and accepts that the Platform will be authorized to recover the amount from the Service Provider, including by offsetting with future payments that may be due as part of their activity on the Platform.

6.12 Management of Delays and Tolerance Thresholds:

Delays of Members - Clients or Service Providers - are tolerated within a limit of 15 minutes after the agreed-upon appointment time during the reservation of the Service. Once this period has elapsed, and in the event of the Client's or Service Provider's delay, both parties are legitimately and freely entitled to accept or refuse the appointment, with no obligation to reschedule the reserved service. In the case of a delay caused by the Service Provider, they undertake to inform the Platform as soon as possible, but no later than 4 (four) hours, to ensure that no cancellation penalty is applied to the User. The occurrence of a delay on the part of the Client does not automatically change the scheduled end time of the service. This situation is handled on a case-by-case basis, at the complete discretion of the Service Providers and based on their own scheduling constraints.

All developments related to potential disputes and their resolution are available in Article 19 of these General Conditions.

Article 7: Life of the Contract

7.1 Duration:

These General Conditions are deemed accepted once the creation of the User account is completed and are concluded for an indefinite duration. They will remain in effect until their possible termination, which may occur at the initiative of the User or the Platform Operator.

7.2 Termination at the Initiative of the Member:

The Member, whether they are a User or a Service Provider or both, has the possibility to terminate these General Conditions - which have the value of an electronic contract - at any time by sending an email to the MEETZEM Customer Service, the contact details of which are available in Article 22. Termination results in the deletion of the relevant User Account and therefore the cancellation of all ongoing reservations of the Member, whether as a User or a Service Provider. The sponsors of the reservations in question will be fully reimbursed, and the applicable cancellation policy will not apply. The termination of an Account at the initiative of the Member cannot give rise to any form of compensation from the Platform to the concerned User.

7.3 Suspension at the Initiative of the Platform Operator:

The decision to suspend a Member's account, whether they are a User or a Service Provider or both, can be made at the sole discretion of the Platform Operator. This suspension may occur without prior notification depending on the severity of the facts or shortcomings alleged, and it is temporary. After any necessary further investigations, the suspension may be lifted, or the General Conditions may be definitively terminated in accordance with the provisions of the following article. The suspension of the account results in the suspension of all ongoing reservations of the Member, whether as a Client or a Service Provider. This suspension may be converted into a cancellation at the sole decision of the Platform Operator. MEETZEM will inform the concerned Clients of the canceled reservations. We encourage you to contact the MEETZEM Customer Service if you wish to appeal the decision to suspend your User Account.

7.4 Termination at the Initiative of the Platform Operator:

The decision to terminate a Member's account, whether they are a User or a Service Provider or both, can be made at the sole discretion of the Platform Operator, in which case the User will be notified by email to their contact address, with a 30-day notice period. The Platform Operator may also proceed with immediate termination without prior notification, depending on the severity of the facts or shortcomings attributed to the concerned User. The following is a list of examples of facts or shortcomings that could lead to termination of the general conditions and deletion of the User's Account. This list is indicative and is not intended to be exhaustive or limiting:

- Violation(s) of these General Conditions,

- Creation of Account, Listings, or generation of User content with inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or fraudulent information,

Suspicions or occurrence(s) of non-compliance with applicable local laws and regulations,

- Suspension(s) or occurrence(s) of prostitution or escorting activities. MEETZEM maintains a zero tolerance policy for these cases and reminds everyone that these activities are prohibited on the platform. MEETZEM invites anyone wanting to engage in these illegal activities not to visit or register on the platform.

- Non-compliance with specific conditions applicable to Service Providers exceeding a certain business threshold,

- Attempt(s) at fraud perpetrated by the Member from or not from their Account,

- Complaint(s) received from other Members about the User,

- Inappropriate or non-compliant behavior with these General Conditions.

We encourage you to contact the MEETZEM Customer Service if you wish to appeal the decision to terminate your Member Account.

7.5 Consequences of Suspension and Termination:

The suspension or termination of a User Account (and the attached General Conditions) cannot lead to compensation in any way from the concerned User.

Article 8: Provisions Applicable to All Users

These specific conditions apply to all Users registered on the Platform and wishing, among other things, to book a service through it.

8.1 Prerequisites for Using the Platform

Users with a Member account can reserve a listing posted on the Platform, subject to compliance with all conditions defined by MEETZEM (and possibly the relevant Service Provider) and the rigorous adherence to the established booking procedure.

8.2 Binding Force of Reservation Confirmation

The User's receipt of a reservation confirmation – following validation of the reservation request by the Service Provider – constitutes the establishment of a legally binding contractual agreement between the User and the chosen Service Provider.

8.3 Prohibition of Unscheduled Invitations

Users of the Platform are fully aware that reservation procedures prohibit any unscheduled invitation for a physically and/or virtually conducted meeting.

8.4 Information Transfer for Proper Functioning of Reservation System

The User understands and accepts that the Platform acts as an intermediary service and, as such, is required to transfer or forward information about the User to other Members – notably Service Providers – in the event that a reservation is made through the Platform. This transfer is necessary for the organization and booking of services between Platform Members and is subject to strict security conditions. For more information, refer to Article 18: Electronic Solicitation of these terms.

8.5 Adherence to Conditions

Users who have booked a service through the Platform commit to strictly adhering to the conditions of the respective service, including any prerequisites, as well as the specified start and end dates and times of the service.

8.6 Travel Time Management

It should be noted that reservations involve the travel of the Service Provider, and travel times are not included in the duration of the meeting.

8.7 Commitments Made by Users

In general, Platform Users, including Service Providers, commit to:

  • Having only one single account on the Platform.
  • Not creating an account on behalf of a third party.
  • Not circumventing MEETZEM's reservation system, for example, by sharing personal contact information with another Member.
  • Not conducting, offering, or accepting payments outside of the Platform for services offered and reserved on it.
  • Conducting the meeting in a public place such as a cafe, bar, restaurant, or public park.
  • Being courteous, respectful, and not seeking anything beyond friendly conversation.
  • Strictly adhering to the conditions set forth in these terms and conditions.

8.8 Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

We emphasize the importance of reporting to MEETZEM any behavior that you consider inappropriate and that you may have experienced in the course of your interactions with any User, whether on the Site, on the internet in general, or in person. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, offensive, violent, or sexually inappropriate behavior that could amount to harassment (including electronic harassment) or causing disturbances. Once the report has been made to the appropriate authorities, we kindly request you to promptly provide us with details concerning the reported behavior and its perpetrator by contacting the MEETZEM Reporting Service through the "Contact Us" form available at the bottom of the website.

Article 9: Specific Conditions for Service Providers

The specific conditions below apply specifically to Service Providers insofar as they provide a framework for the relationships they have with the Platform. If you are a potential Service Provider, we kindly ask you to carefully read these Specific Conditions for Service Providers before using MEETZEM Services, as they formalize the specific provisions under which your relationship with MEETZEM will be managed.

If you do not accept these Specific Conditions for Service Providers, you must not under any circumstances use MEETZEM Services for the part dedicated to Service Providers and must not offer any services on the Platform. However, you can still continue to use MEETZEM services for Users, subject to the acceptance of applicable provisions.

9.1 Applicable Conditions to All Offered Services:

Beyond the constant cordiality required of Service Providers who wish to monetize their available time for a friendly meeting on MEETZEM, we emphasize the fundamental importance of providing accurate information that gives a faithful image of the service actually rendered. This information pertains to the service itself, as well as your profile. A disappointing provider for MEETZEM Clients causes harm not only to them but also to the Platform and other providers.

9.2 Price of Services Rendered by the Platform:

The creation of a provider account and the posting of a service on MEETZEM are entirely free. However, if you sell and perform a service on the Platform that leads to earning revenue, a commission will be charged by MEETZEM, determined based on the collected amount before calculating the commission. This commission compensates for all services provided by the Platform, including site development and availability, services of the information company, display of offered services, management and administration of booking requests, delegation of payment management and cancellations, and issuance of invoices under billing mandate. The price for services provided by the Platform amounts to 20% excluding taxes of the service price to be collected by the provider before calculating said commission. In specific cases, the amount of this commission may be reduced by the Platform in agreement with the Provider, in which case these general conditions are supplemented by an addendum signed by both Parties stating the commission rate and its validity period.

9.3 Reminders About the Nature of the Relationship Between Providers and the Platform:

This relationship is marked by independence and autonomy. Providers offering friendly meetings on the Platform have total freedom in the exercise of their activity, including freedom to set prices for friendly meetings, freedom to define available time slots, and no obligation of exclusivity to MEETZEM.

However, the MEETZEM platform reserves the right to suspend a listing with excessively high prices that would discredit the platform.

Furthermore, the MEETZEM platform reserves the right to only accept prices it deems reasonable before approving and posting the relevant listings.

Article 10: Financial Conditions and Payment

10.1 Prices of Services:

The price indicated on the page of a friendly meeting at the time of booking includes all incidental costs, taxes, and commissions. No additional fees will be charged in parallel with your MEETZEM reservation for the realization of the selected friendly meeting. If this were the case nonetheless, please contact the Reservation Service as soon as possible through the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website. In the event that, despite our efforts, the price indicated at the time of booking contained an anomaly, we will contact you to refund the difference - if it is in your favor - or to ask for your instructions regarding the reservation - if the difference is in your disfavor. If you wish to cancel the said reservation on this occasion, you will be fully reimbursed as soon as possible. The same applies to services whose price at the time of booking was manifestly incorrect or could have been reasonably identified as such.

10.2 Payment of Reservations:

A bank pre-authorization is taken by STRIPE or PAYPAL for the amount of the reservation at the time of booking. Payment for the service is collected from the Client within twenty-four (24) hours from the end of the provision of the Service. The collected payment is then transferred to the Provider, minus MEETZEM commissions. STRIPE processes payments on a weekly basis.

10.3 Use of the STRIPE Payment Service Provider:

MEETZEM has delegated the management of financial flows to the payment service provider (PSP) STRIPE, which offers a secure and widely recognized payment solution. The CONNECT solution offered by STRIPE allows for the complete management of all transactions that need to take place between the various participants on the platform. Once the service is provided, the User pays STRIPE with their credit card, and then STRIPE pays the Provider and the Platform Operator, deducting payment commissions. STRIPE acts as a trusted third party for all payment-related matters, providing both security and assurance.

10.4 Acceptance of STRIPE's General Terms and Conditions:

The use of payment services offered by STRIPE on the MEETZEM Platform requires the acceptance of STRIPE CONNECT's general terms and conditions, including payment terms available by following the following link: The input of payment banking information implies acceptance of these terms.

10.5 Payment Process via STRIPE:

In order to make a reservation on the MEETZEM Site via STRIPE, the User must have their credit card and enter the required fields provided by STRIPE, including the card number, cardholder's name, expiration date, and the 3-digit security code. The User may also be prompted by STRIPE to save their credit card information to avoid having to re-enter it for a future reservation. Please note that this data will only be accessible by STRIPE and will not be stored on MEETZEM's servers.

Article 11: Compliance with Tax and Social Obligations

11.1 Principle:

MEETZEM hereby reminds Members, and particularly Service Providers, that their activity on the Platform potentially entails obligations, including reporting obligations, in terms of taxation and social matters. It is your responsibility as a User and/or Service Provider to strictly comply with local laws and regulations. It is up to you to determine the obligations that apply to you, in terms of reporting, collection, payment, inclusion of value-added tax (VAT) in the price of your friendly meetings, and any other applicable tax or social contribution to your activity.

11.2 Essential Reference Websites to Consult:

Service Providers are solely responsible for all declarations and formalities required for their activity and must fulfill all obligations that may apply to them under French law and/or the foreign legislation to which they are subject. To fulfill their commitments and responsibilities in this regard, MEETZEM encourages Service Providers in France to directly contact the relevant authorities, using the following links:

11.3 Declaration Obligations of Online Platforms:

Article 242 bis of the French Tax Code requires all online platform operators conducting business in France to provide their users with a summary table of transactions carried out during the past calendar year. This table includes various information as required by the French Tax Code and detailed in Article 11.4. The sending of this table must occur before January 31 of the following year to comply with legal obligations. This document will help you track and account for the income generated by the sales of your service offerings on the Platform and verify whether this income must be reported to the Tax Administration. The summary you will receive in 2024 will thus consolidate your sales on the Platform from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023. Please note that the law requires that this summary table be sent to the Tax Administration by platform operators, following the same deadlines, for Users whose sales exceed €1,000 excluding taxes. This legal obligation applies to all online platform operators conducting business in France.

11.4 Required Information:

A Decree of December 30, 2019, amending the French Tax Code (Annex 4 - Article 23 L octies), requires platform operators to provide the following information, along with a summary table of transactions carried out during the calendar year, starting from operations carried out on January 1, 2020. This information differs depending on whether the User is a natural person or a legal entity.

For natural persons: a) Last name or usual name, b) First name(s), c) Residential address, d) Phone number, e) Email address, f) Date of birth.

11.5 User Identification Data Verification Procedure:

The identity of natural User Users who have achieved over €1,000 excluding taxes in sales on the Platform must be verified according to the provisions of the Decree of December 30, 2019, cited above. When a non-professional User exceeds the €1,000 excluding taxes threshold, we must: a) Either request a copy of an identity document to verify their last name(s), first name(s), and date of birth, b) Or obtain their tax identification number or registration number in the simplified tax procedures file (SPI), to verify its structure, format, and algorithm, and be able to provide it to the Tax Administration. The choice to implement either of these two user identification data verification procedures is at the discretion of the platform operator, based in particular on the information they have obtained from the concerned user. However, it will be impossible for the user to avoid this mandatory control. If no response is received to our request for additional information (copy of the identity document or tax identification number) within 15 days, the User's Account will be suspended until the necessary information is obtained.

11.6 Obligations Regarding VAT Fraud Prevention:

Starting from January 1, 2020, new provisions have been applied to online platforms in the context of combating VAT fraud. Thus, the tax administration will now be able to contact an online platform if it suspects VAT fraud by one of the providers present on it. The platform must implement an appropriate response to resolve the situation favorably. In the event of ongoing non-compliance by a provider despite information, sanctions can go as far as outright banning of the offending provider.

Article 12: Non-Discrimination Policy

12.1 Definition:

Discrimination is an unequal treatment based on a criterion prohibited by law, such as origin, age, gender, or sexual preference, or in an area covered by the law, such as access to employment, education, goods, and services. Two types of discrimination are identified: direct and indirect discrimination. Discrimination is considered direct if it is intentional and based on one or more criteria prohibited by legislation (and may, in certain cases, result in legal penalties). Discrimination is deemed indirect when a provision, criterion, or seemingly neutral practice is likely to produce the same effects as direct discrimination and thus lead to adverse consequences for an individual or group based on a prohibited criterion. Any form of discrimination is strictly prohibited on the Platform.

12.2 Prohibited Discrimination Criteria by Law:

Legislation provides for potential discrimination criteria in the areas of employment, housing, education, as well as access to goods and services. The list below outlines the main criteria that are strictly prohibited:

- Age,
- Physical appearance,
- Belonging or not belonging to an origin or ethnicity,
- Belonging or not belonging to a nation,
- Belonging or not belonging to an alleged race,
- Belonging or not belonging to a specific religion,
- Health status,
- Sexual identity,
- Sexual orientation,
- Pregnancy,
- Family situation,
- Disability,
- Surname,
- Gender,
- Trade union activities,
- Genetic characteristics,
- Morals,
- Political opinions,
- Origin,
- Place of residence.

12.3 Platform Values:

MEETZEM aims to improve the support and response to the needs of a community that does not always have the means to achieve its goals. This approach is systematically pursued with inclusivity and respect, fundamental values of the project that we strive to apply at all levels of the Platform. Prohibited discrimination criteria mentioned above should not be observed in any way on the Platform, and any exception to this rule is excluded.

12.4 Key Examples of Prohibitions:

Users who wish to do so can find below a strictly prohibited list of examples on the Platform, without this list being exhaustive or limiting:
- Refusal to accept a reservation based on prohibited discrimination criteria such as age, origin, gender, or sexual orientation,
- Imposing on the Platform other selection criteria related in any way to prohibited discrimination criteria,
Making statements in User-to-User or User-to-Platform exchanges, on and off the Platform, that would violate legal provisions prohibiting the aforementioned discriminations.

12.5 Consequences of Non-Compliance:

This non-discrimination policy is an integral part of the general terms and conditions governing the Platform, which represents a strong commitment by MEETZEM. No exceptions to this policy will be tolerated. If violations or infringements of this non-discrimination policy are identified or reported to the Platform, and if they are found to be justified, sanctions ranging from a simple reminder of this policy to account suspension/deletion may be imposed at the complete discretion of the Platform. If a specific listing or communication on the Platform contains developments or elements contrary to the MEETZEM non-discrimination policy, the following measures could, for example, be taken:

- Reminder of the MEETZEM non-discrimination policy and strict adherence to it,
- Immediate suspension of the relevant listing until it is modified by the Provider and the content violating the policy is removed, as determined by the Platform,
- Permanent removal of the relevant listing,
- Removal of the User's ability to offer listings and services on the Platform,
- Temporary suspension of the User's access to the Platform, potentially leading to the permanent deletion of their MEETZEM account through Platform banning.
These measures could also be applied at MEETZEM's sole discretion to a Provider who repeatedly refuses reservations for a given category of Users, based on characteristics closely or remotely related to prohibited discrimination criteria.

12.6 The Defender of Rights:

In addition to the measures deployed by MEETZEM to combat discrimination on and off the Platform, Users are reminded that they can also contact the Defender of Rights if needed. Provided for by the Constitution, the Defender of Rights is an independent public authority responsible for protecting individual rights and freedoms. If you believe you are a victim of discrimination prohibited by law or international regulations, we encourage you to directly and freely contact the Defender of Rights using the following link: or by sending a letter to the following address: Defenseur des droits - Libre réponse 71120 - 75342 Paris Cedex 07.

Article 13: User-Generated Content Policy

The User-Generated Content (UGC) policy outlines MEETZEM's approach to such content on the Platform. The use of the Platform and the submission of content generated by the User are strictly subject to the User's prior acceptance of this policy. If the User does not accept the policy and the present terms and conditions, they must immediately cease using the MEETZEM platform in any way.

13.1 Definition:

User-Generated Content consists of all content submitted by the User to the Platform, including your name, surname, pseudonym, social media accounts, biographical information (such as professional experience), texts, images, videos, and all other materials and information, without this list being exhaustive or limiting. Users are advised to exercise common sense and caution when submitting UGC to the Platform. The content submitted will be published on the Platform as soon as possible, including the website, applications, and any other media, becoming accessible to all Users or visitors of the Platform. The term UGC applies to content submitted by all visitors and Members, whether they are mere visitors, Clients, or Providers.

13.2 Acceptance of the Policy:

By using the MEETZEM Platform as a User or Provider, you confirm that content submitted to the Platform by you cannot result in any compensation from the Platform or MEETZEM and will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, within the limits allowed by the data protection policy implemented by MEETZEM. By this, the User agrees to grant MEETZEM a non-exclusive, free, and transferable license (including sublicense rights) to display, reproduce, and use your content on any medium or format (known or future), without restrictions and worldwide. Your UGC will thus be accessible on the Platform or any other medium or format potentially provided by MEETZEM.

13.3 Submitted Content Standards:

The User agrees to submit content that adheres to the following rules and complies with the provisions of these terms and conditions, including non-discrimination and intellectual property. The User declares and certifies that the content they submit to the Platform is their own work or that they have obtained the necessary rights and permissions to comply with the commitments made in this policy. In case you submit UGC containing images or information about individuals other than yourself, you declare and undertake that the individuals concerned, over eighteen (18) years old, have expressly given their consent to appear in the UGC you submit to the MEETZEM Platform.

13.4 Prohibited Content:

In general, and without limiting this list, the following contents are prohibited:

- Covered or protected by copyright or intellectual property rights,
- Prohibited by law or any other legal provision,
- Contrary to confidentiality obligations,
- Violating privacy, defamatory, or constituting any form of electronic harassment,
- False, misleading (including false advertising), obscene, or sexually explicit,
- Advocating violence or discrimination,
- Containing malicious code or potentially harmful computer processes in any form.

13.5 Content Reporting Mechanisms:

MEETZEM has implemented a reporting system allowing anyone, whether a Member or not, to bring problematic content to its attention, especially if it falls into the category of prohibited content. To do this, you should directly address your request to our Reporting Service through the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website, providing the following information:

- Name(s) and surname(s) or legal name and representative for legal entities,
- Contact address and phone number,
- Precise and clear description of the content subject to the request,
- Reasons and justifications for which the content is the subject of a request,
- Date on which the content was first identified,
- URL where the content can be accessed,
- Any relevant documentation to support the situation.
MEETZEM will make every effort to process requests received as quickly as possible. Some situations may require further contact to obtain more information. As a reminder, presenting to a host content or activity as illicit with the aim of obtaining its removal or stopping its distribution, when one knows this information is inaccurate, is subject to imprisonment for one year and a fine of 15,000 Euros (Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy).

13.6 Ratings and Comments:

The MEETZEM Platform has implemented an evaluation system for booked services. The ratings collected by MEETZEM consist of a score (from 1 to 5 in order of appreciation) and an optional comment. The reviews submitted by Users on the Platform are all strictly authentic: only Members who have actually booked and paid for services and followed through with them will be directly requested by MEETZEM to leave their evaluations of the reserved services. Indeed, the rating and comments feature is only accessible once the service has been provided and validated by the relevant User and Provider. Any service rendered and paid for on the Platform will result in a request for evaluation being sent to the User's attention, as well as to the Provider's. This evaluation request is sent 24 hours after the completion of the service and is available for seven (7) days. After this period, it will no longer be possible to submit an evaluation.

13.7 Platform Moderation:

MEETZEM undertakes to publish content as it has been submitted by Users, as much as possible. Content will be subject to a moderation process after being submitted to the Platform. The purpose of this moderation is to allow MEETZEM, at its discretion and without prior notification, to modify, remove, or not publish content submitted by Users. Correction of spelling, syntax, and grammar may be performed to ensure high-quality and consistent content for all Users. Users agree that MEETZEM may publish, use, or even delete User-generated content at its sole discretion and without notice. The mere presumption of a violation of these terms and conditions may lead to moderation, suspension, or deletion of User-generated content, based on the precautionary principle. The same applies if a complaint from a third party or a court order and/or decision is received by MEETZEM.

13.8 Consequences of Violation:

If User-generated content proves to be non-compliant with the provisions of these terms and conditions, MEETZEM reserves the right - beyond the removal of the incriminated content - to proceed with the suspension or banning/deletion of the Member's User account. Furthermore, if MEETZEM incurs damage or loss as a result of the publication of User-generated content, the User agrees to indemnify MEETZEM for the suffered damages. In case of proven violation, the Platform also reserves the right to forward any concerning content generated by the User to competent authorities - accompanied by their personal identification information - or to disclose it to a third party claiming a violation of their privacy rights or intellectual property rights (or at the request of their attorney). MEETZEM also reserves the right, as a last resort, to take legal action to settle any potential dispute.

Article 14: Intellectual Property

14.1 Principles:

The Platform, services, applications, and all elements comprising it, including but not limited to text, images, videos, trademarks, logos, trade names, and domain names are the exclusive property of MEETZEM, unless otherwise specified. These elements are protected by laws relating to intellectual property and other laws, particularly copyright law. It is important to note that any unauthorized exploitation, reproduction, representation, or alteration of a work of intellect in violation of the attached intellectual property rights or without prior and express authorization from the author (or rights holder) constitutes an act of infringement under the Code of Intellectual Property. Consequently, Users are explicitly prohibited from modifying, correcting, associating, translating, making available for free or at a cost, or commercializing all or part of the Platform, services, or any component thereof, regardless of the means and/or media used. No provision of these terms and conditions can be interpreted as a transfer of intellectual property rights, either implicitly or in any other way.

14.2 Intellectual Property Violation Notification:

MEETZEM is committed to strictly respecting intellectual property rights, including those of Users, Providers, and third parties. A strict reciprocity is expected in this regard from all parties. In case of potential intellectual property infringement on the Platform, services, applications, and all elements comprising them, we encourage you to notify us of this violation as the rights holders or on behalf of the rights holders as soon as possible. To do so, kindly address your request to the Intellectual Property Service via the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website. Please ensure that your notification precisely identifies the content you consider to be in violation of the Code of Intellectual Property and that, according to you, should be removed. Additionally, provide reasonably sufficient information to help us locate the content in question, such as the URL link on the Platform from which the content can be accessed. Upon receiving your notification, MEETZEM will take appropriate measures at its sole discretion, including potentially immediately removing the disputed content from the Platform.

14.3 Account Deactivation / Suspension:

MEETZEM reserves the right to suspend, deactivate, or even delete the account of any Member - User or Provider - who knowingly (or unknowingly) violates the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Article 15: Personal Data Protection Policy

15.1 Purpose:

This Article aims to present the data protection policy implemented by MEETZEM. It describes the various types of data, how they are used when you visit the Platform, applications, and any other interactions with us and our services. It also outlines your right to privacy protection and the legal measures taken in this regard.

15.2 Data Protection Officer (DPO) Contact Information:

In accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation (No. 2016/679), MEETZEM has appointed a DPO. The DPO is responsible for tasks such as providing guidance and advice on data processing compliance, monitoring compliance with regulations and national law, and serving as a contact point for the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) and any other third parties wishing to discuss relevant issues. For any questions or details about data management and processing by MEETZEM, feel free to directly contact our Privacy Service via the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the website.

15.3 Types of Collected Personal Data:

The main categories of personal data collected on the Platform are threefold:

  • Personal data you provide us: This includes data you consented to share with us during your use of the Platform. For instance, when creating a Member account, visiting the Platform, making payments via the external payment service provider (PSP) STRIPE, or engaging with MEETZEM's services. This category also includes other information you might have provided in the context of a spontaneous job application or in response to a job offer from MEETZEM. In the case of online payment services, the external provider is responsible for collecting and safeguarding sensitive data. No complete and exploitable sensitive data is stored on MEETZEM's servers. It's important to ensure the accuracy and precision of the personal data you provide, starting with your first name(s), last name(s), and contact details.

  • Automatically collected data: When you visit the Platform, information about your browsing is automatically monitored and recorded, primarily for analysis and service improvement purposes. This information might include the date, time, and duration of the visit, the type and version of the internet browser used, and your IP address. These data can be linked to the relevant User account. More information about cookies is available in the subsequent "Cookie Policy" article.

  • Data obtained from third parties: MEETZEM might collect information about you, including personal data, from third parties. These parties are clearly identified and primarily consist of the payment service provider STRIPE (as part of "Know your Customer" and anti-fraud measures) or comments and ratings received from other Members on the Platform. Regarding this specific matter, refer to the relevant section of the User-Generated Content Policy. You might also provide personal data of a third person, especially when making a reservation on their behalf (e.g., purchasing multiple event tickets). Your obligations in this matter are highlighted in the "8.3 - Power of Attorney Agreement" article. We might also receive data about you from service providers, for example, during identity verification procedures performed with your consent for fraud prevention and risk assessment purposes. It's important to note that we are not responsible for how your personal data is collected and processed by the concerned third parties. Any inquiries about disclosing personal information to MEETZEM should be directed to them.

15.4 Examples of Collected Personal Data:

Below is a list of examples of different categories of data that might be collected when creating a Member account, during Platform visits, and as part of your use of our services or applications. This list is not exhaustive or limiting; the examples provided are merely indicative:

  • Identification data: name, first name, date of birth, member number,
  • Contact details: email address, phone number, postal address,
  • Usage data: list of reserved and viewed ads,
  • Connection data: type and version of internet browser, IP address of your communication device (e.g., computer, tablet, or mobile phone), login logs,
  • Commercial data: ads offered, reserved, or viewed,
  • Administrative information: company details, social security number for approved Providers,
  • Financial data: payment method type, list of payments made/received,
  • User-generated content data.

Other types of information might come from other sources, including:

  • Ratings and comments provided by Members on reserved, completed, and paid services,
  • Reservations made in your name by other Users (refer to article 8.3 on the Power of Attorney Agreement),
  • Information obtained from Members and/or third parties in the context of potential or ongoing dispute resolution,
  • Information provided by so-called public or administrative sources.

15.5 Mandatory or Optional Nature of Responses and Potential Consequences:

Depending on the required information, the response provided by the User may be mandatory for using the service or optional. The optional nature of responses is indicated next to input fields on relevant forms when appropriate. The consequences of not responding can vary based on whether the field is considered optional (in which case, non-response has no impact) or mandatory (in which case, non-response might result in being denied access to the Platform).

15.6 Use of Collected Data:

Data use is legally permissible based on the consent obtained from concerned parties, as well as stemming from the fulfillment of obligations prescribed by laws or necessary for contract execution, among other reasons. Generally, with regards to the MEETZEM Platform, data processing aims to fulfill contract-related data processing needs to carry out contracts concluded electronically via the platform.

15.7 Data Protection and Security:

Sharing personal data on the internet carries risks, even with preventive and protective measures in place. MEETZEM cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted to the Platform, which is done at Users' own risk. However, once data is received on the Platform, strict procedures and safeguards are in place to ensure the security of entrusted data.

15.8 Data Storage and Sharing:

Due to the use of certain non-European tools that facilitate MEETZEM's service provision (e.g., the payment service provider STRIPE), data collected about you might be transferred and stored in a country outside the European Union. If the level of personal data protection is not at least equivalent to EU regulations, we have established appropriate guarantees with the relevant providers to ensure compliance.

15.9 Rights of Opposition, Inquiry, Access, and Rectification:

You can exercise these rights at any time, including for reasons such as deactivating or deleting your account, modifying personal data, or unsubscribing from MEETZEM newsletters. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact the Privacy Service via the "Contact Us" form available at the bottom of the website.

15.10 Personal Data of Children:

As outlined in Article 4 of the present terms, registering a minor on the Platform is strictly prohibited. MEETZEM accounts are reserved for individuals over 18 years old or duly established legal entities. Consequently, the Platform is not intended to collect personal data of minors. If you believe that we are processing personal data about a child inappropriately, please contact us as soon as possible using the contact details provided in the "22 - Customer Service, Comments, and Suggestions" article so we can address the situation.

15.11 Complaint to CNIL:

If you believe that data protection rules have been violated and you have not received satisfactory resolution after contacting the MEETZEM Customer Service, you have the option to file a complaint with the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) by sending a letter to the following address: CNIL - 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.

Article 16: Cookie Policy

16.1 Purpose:

MEETZEM uses cookies and similar technologies to manage and improve the Platform. The following policy provides a more detailed explanation of cookies, their use on the Platform, and how to potentially disable them.

16.2 Definition and Types of Cookies:

A cookie is a small data file that is saved on your device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone) when you visit a website. It serves various purposes, such as recognizing the web browser used or storing browsing preferences. Cookies can be either "session cookies," which expire when the browser is closed, or "persistent cookies," which remain stored locally even after disconnection. Cookies on the Platform fall into four types:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These files are essential for navigating the site and using its core features. They are generally installed following user actions, such as logging into a secure Member area.

  • Functionality cookies: These files are not essential and collect only anonymous data, with no traceability. They enhance the user experience by providing advanced features like personalizing your homepage or saving preferences.

  • Analysis and performance cookies: More analytical in nature, these files collect data about site visits, such as viewed pages, encountered anomalies, and followed links. They contribute to user experience improvement by providing insights into site operation.

  • Advertising or targeting cookies: These files gather information about displayed ads to limit their number and measure advertising campaign effectiveness. Their use is highly restricted and controlled on the Platform.

Other technologies offer applications similar to cookies, like web beacons, pixels, or mobile device identifiers. This applies to emails from the Platform, which might contain tracking tools and web beacons for aggregating and analyzing message opening data or access to specific links.

16.3 Reasons for Using Cookies:

MEETZEM uses cookies for various purposes, including:

  • Enabling access and use of the MEETZEM Platform,
  • Enabling use of services provided by the payment service provider STRIPE,
  • Streamlining navigation on the site,
  • Enhancing understanding of User behaviors and interactions,
  • Improving MEETZEM Customer Service,
  • Implementing fraud detection and prevention systems.

16.4 Third-Party Cookies:

To enhance user experience, MEETZEM might also allow certain third parties to deploy their technology on the Platform. The usage is tightly regulated and serves various purposes, including:

  • Analyzing Platform usage,
  • Detecting potential fraud,
  • Using web traffic analysis services.

16.5 Disabling Cookies via Online Platforms:

You also have the option to manage your cookie preferences through the online platform YourOnlineChoices, available at the following address: This transparency-boosting website lets you save preferences for all sites using cookies. If you refuse cookie storage on your device from your web browser, you will still be able to browse the site, but certain sections and options might not function properly.

Article 17: Hyperlinks

17.1 Definition:

Hypertext links, also known as hyperlinks, are elements placed within the content of a web page that allow access to other content via a click, either on the same site (internal link) or on a different website (external link). We draw your attention to the fact that your use of hypertext links provided by MEETZEM is at your own risk. When you follow a link available on the Platform that leads to a website published by a third party, these terms and conditions no longer apply and are replaced by the terms and conditions of the relevant website. We encourage you to carefully read the applicable terms and conditions, especially regarding the privacy policy, without limitation.

17.2 Links to the MEETZEM Website:

Users are authorized to create one or more hypertext links redirecting to the Platform, for example, to the home page of the website, a user profile page, or an announcement page. Users undertake not to create links to sites that would not comply with the law, contain content intended for adults, or be detrimental to the reputation or interests of the Platform and its Users. This authorization may be withdrawn by MEETZEM at its discretion, without motivation or notice. The existence of such hypertext links does not imply any collaboration, and MEETZEM assumes no responsibility for the availability and content provided by these third-party sites, as well as the use that will be made of your personal data. Furthermore, it is also strictly prohibited to compromise the integrity of the Platform, such as altering its display or removing elements.

17.3 Links to Other Websites:

The Platform may also present hyperlinks to websites published by third parties. We draw your attention to the fact that visiting these sites is at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for the content published by these sites or for the use that will be made of your personal data by them. We encourage you to carefully read the applicable terms and conditions on these different platforms. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the mentioned hypertext links in no way imply any relationship or association with the concerned websites. MEETZEM cannot be held responsible for direct and/or indirect damages resulting from the User's access to these websites via the links offered on the Platform.

17.4 Links provided in other communications:

In the context of our electronic exchanges with you, developments may concern websites from third parties unrelated to MEETZEM. The inclusion of hypertext links or content from third-party websites in our communications does not constitute endorsement of these by MEETZEM. We cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages generated by accessing these websites through the links provided in our communications with you, access being at your own risk.

Article 18: Electronic Solicitation

18.1 Purpose:

Electronic solicitation involves contacting a User – with their consent – by email, SMS, or phone to offer them deals, advertisements, or other content. The various solicitation tools employed by the Platform include the MEETZEM instant messaging, email messaging, newsletter writing, message (SMS) broadcasting, or phone calls.

18.2 Definition and Criteria for Valid Consent:

Consent has been redefined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as "any freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous indication of the data subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action, signifies agreement to the processing of personal data relating to him or her." This consent must satisfy four cumulative criteria to be valid, namely, it must be freely given (not coerced or influenced), specific (for specific processing), informed (for more information on the subject, see Article 15 - Personal Data Protection Policy), and unambiguous (clear and unequivocal).

18.3 User Acceptance:

User consent is collected on the MEETZEM Platform during the creation of a User account, during which a checkbox must be specifically checked for the User to give consent to electronic solicitation, among other things. This checkbox echoes these terms and conditions, which outline the modalities of consent. Beyond the checked box, the User further confirms through the acceptance of these terms and conditions that they consent to receiving "service" or "transactional" emails, SMS messages, and in-app notifications, for the proper functioning of the Platform and the smooth execution of services offered by MEETZEM. The consent collected by the Platform is thus fully compliant with the four cumulative criteria presented in the previous article.

18.4 Withdrawal of Consent Methods:

Means are provided to the User to allow them to withdraw their consent, notably through the settings in their personal User account on the Platform, by using the unsubscribe links included in each of our email communications of this type, or by adjusting the settings related to notifications on their mobile phone for the MEETZEM application. Feel free to also contact MEETZEM Customer Service for more information on the subject. Here, it should be noted that electronic solicitations are more or less optional depending on the pursued objective. While receiving the MEETZEM newsletter is not essential for an optimal User experience on the Platform, the same does not apply to the so-called "transactional" notifications that progressively validate the successive phases of electronic contract formation between the User and the Service Provider. Deactivating these is therefore not recommended.

18.5 Direct Marketing:

Direct marketing consists of sending any message intended to directly or indirectly promote goods, services, or the image of a person selling goods or providing services. In accordance with the provisions of Article L.34-5 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code, direct marketing by email is allowed if the recipient's contact details have been collected directly from them, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data protection, files, and freedoms, in the context of a sale or provision of services, if the direct marketing concerns similar products or services provided by the same natural or legal person, and if the recipient is expressly and unambiguously offered the possibility to object, without charge other than those related to the transmission of the refusal, and in a simple manner, to the use of their contact details when they are collected and every time a direct marketing email is sent to them. As such, MEETZEM may send offers similar to purchases and reservations that the User has already made on the Platform. However, the User can oppose this by using the unsubscribe link present in all email communications of this type or by directly contacting Customer Service.

18.6 Validity of Electronic Communications:

Any information, notification, or other exchange to which either party is bound will be considered sufficiently communicated as soon as it has been sent to the other party at the contact email address provided in the context of the contract. Communications sent by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt will be deemed communicated to the other party three business days after depositing them with the postal service. Any other communication will be deemed to have been sufficiently communicated upon its effective receipt.

18.7 Receipt of MEETZEM Emails:

Email providers use mail-blocking features to filter out emails they deem unsolicited (also known as "spam") by their clients. Sometimes, desired emails are also blocked on these occasions, for example, those sent by MEETZEM. To ensure that you receive our future emails in the main inbox of your email, you can follow the following instructions based on your email provider:

  • Gmail: Search your messages for an email received from MEETZEM. If it's not already in the "Primary" tab, drag it into the "Primary" tab to ensure our communications will reach you in the future.
  • Yahoo Mail: Search your messages for an email received from MEETZEM. Hover your mouse cursor over the sender's name, click "Add to contacts," then click "Save." This will ensure our communications reach you in the future.
  • Hotmail: Click "Settings," then "Options." In the left sidebar, follow this path: "Mail" > "Junk email" > "Safe senders." Enter our email address here, then click "Save" to ensure our communications reach you in the future.
  • Mail (Apple): Search your messages for an email received from MEETZEM. If it's in the "Junk" folder, right-click on the email, then click "Move to Inbox." This will ensure our communications reach you in the future.

18.8 Subscription to the MEETZEM Newsletter:

It is not mandatory to have a MEETZEM Member account to subscribe to the MEETZEM Newsletter. To do so, you can go to the bottom of the MEETZEM Platform homepage and enter your email address in the provided form. Subscription to the MEETZEM Newsletter is also offered optionally during account creation. In case you haven't validated your subscription to the MEETZEM Newsletter, don't worry – you can also go to the bottom of the MEETZEM Platform homepage and enter your email address in the provided form.

Article 19: Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, and Dispute Resolution

19.1 Preamble:

MEETZEM will always make every effort to help the provider and the client resolve any potential disputes. However, it is reiterated here that the Platform only acts as a provider of an intermediary service / matchmaking service between Members and providers. MEETZEM provides its Users with a platform that displays information about providers and their services. You should always exercise caution during your online interactions and bookings; this also applies to your use of the MEETZEM Platform.

19.2 Applicable Law:

These terms and conditions – and any operations resulting from them – are drafted in French, governed by and subject to French law.

19.3 Competent Jurisdiction:

Any dispute concerning these terms and conditions, whether related to their formulation, validity, interpretation, (non-)execution, or termination, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris.

19.4 User's Right to Initiate Proceedings:

In accordance with the provisions of Article R. 631-3 of the Consumer Code, the User may initiate proceedings at their discretion – in addition to any territorially competent jurisdictions under the Code of Civil Procedure – in the jurisdiction of the place where they resided at the time of contract conclusion or the occurrence of the harmful event.

19.5 Occurrence of a Dispute:

In the event that a potential dispute arises during your use of the Platform or a service reserved on MEETZEM, we thank you for informing Customer Service, whose contact details are available in Article "22 - Customer Service, Comments, and Suggestions," as soon as possible. We commit to making every effort to propose a resolution as soon as possible.

19.6 Online Dispute Resolution Platform of the European Union:

In the event that a dispute arises that has not been resolved after contacting MEETZEM or the initial proposed mediator, the User can also access the European Commission's online mediation and dispute resolution platform by following the link: MEETZEM draws your attention to the fact that this platform offered by the European Commission will forward your complaint to the relevant national mediators. In accordance with the applicable mediation provisions, you commit, before any mediation request, to have previously contacted MEETZEM Customer Service to report the potential dispute and jointly find an amicable solution.

Article 20: General Provisions

20.1 Updates and Uniqueness:

These Terms, along with any associated conditions and policies, are collectively considered the entirety of the Agreement or Contract between MEETZEM and Users, and replace all previous agreements and understandings, whether verbal or written, concerning access to and use of the Platform.

20.2 Partial Nullity:

In the event that certain provisions of these terms and conditions become null or unenforceable for any reason, including legal or regulatory reasons, the Parties will remain bound by the other provisions of the terms and conditions and undertake to attempt to resolve the potentially unenforceable clauses in the same spirit as that which prevailed at the time of the initial contract conclusion. If an article or provision of these terms and conditions is declared null, void, or unenforceable, it will be canceled without affecting the remaining articles and provisions.

20.3 Force Majeure:

This occurs when an event beyond the debtor's control, which could not have been reasonably anticipated at the time of accepting these terms and conditions and whose effects cannot be avoided or reduced by appropriate measures, prevents the debtor from fulfilling their obligation. Force majeure results in a suspension of the obligations of the affected party during the period when force majeure is at play, provided that this event is temporary. However, the Parties will endeavor to minimize the consequences to the extent possible. If this proves impossible or if force majeure becomes permanent, the Parties will be released from their obligations as provided for by Articles 1351 and 1351-1 of the Civil Code.

20.4 Proof Convention:

To ensure the proper functioning of the Platform and Services, electronic messages and electronic documents are exchanged between the Parties. In accordance with the provisions of Article 1366 of the Civil Code, the electronic writing has the same evidentiary force as writing on paper, provided that the person from whom it originates can be duly identified, and it is established and retained in conditions that guarantee its integrity. The User accepts that all agreements, information, and other communications sent to them by MEETZEM or the Platform electronically comply with all legal obligations for written communications, unless a specific law or regulatory provision requires a different form of communication.

20.5 Waiver:

It is entirely possible for one of the Parties not to enforce one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions; this is in no way indicative of a possible waiver of enforcing these provisions at a later date. No tolerance, abstention, or omission, nor any delay in enforcing any of the rights provided in these terms and conditions, will affect that right, nor shall it imply a waiver of that right for the future.

20.6 Applicability:

These general terms and conditions are not intended to confer rights or remedies on any person or entity other than the contracting parties.

Article 21: Specific Conditions for Using the Video Conferencing Service

21.1 Purpose of These Conditions:

These specific conditions aim to present the modalities of using the video conferencing service offered by the MEETZEM Platform.

21.2 Video Conferencing Tool:

The video conferencing tool is under construction and is therefore not available.

Article 22: Customer Service, Comments, and Suggestions

22.1 Requests for Information or Additional Details:

If you have any questions about MEETZEM, the Platform, and these general terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact MEETZEM Customer Service using one of the communication methods provided below (see "Customer Service Contact Information").

22.2 Comments and Suggestions:

In general, and with a view to continuously improving the Platform, we encourage you to provide us with any comments, remarks, or suggestions you may have, which are always welcome. These exchanges will not be considered confidential or proprietary and may be freely used by MEETZEM in the development of its activities.

22.3 Customer Service Contact Information:

MEETZEM Customer Service can be contacted using the following methods:

  • Via the contact form provided for this purpose by clicking on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the website, then choosing the MEETZEM Service to which you want to address your request.

Article 23: Legal Notices

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of the Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, on Confidence in the Digital Economy, known as the LCEN, these legal notices are brought to the attention of Users of the MEETZEM website.

Connecting to and browsing the website by the User implies full and unreserved acceptance of these legal notices and the general terms and conditions of the site and related documents.

These can be accessed on the site under the "Legal Notices" section in the part dedicated to the General Conditions of the site.

23.1 The Publisher:

The publication of the MEETZEM platform is managed by the company Meetzem, registered with the RCS of Paris under number 909 639 528, with its registered office located at 153A rue Cardinet, reachable via the contact form available at the bottom of the website.

23.2 The Host:

The host of the MEETZEM platform is the company GoDaddy.

23.3 Access to the Site:

The site is accessible from any location, seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day, except in cases of force majeure and subject to any necessary maintenance interventions for the proper functioning of the Platform. Access to the service is possible from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet connected to a telecommunications network allowing access to the Platform via the internet.

23.4 Data Collection:

The site ensures the User a collection and processing of personal information in compliance with privacy laws, in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to computers, files, and freedoms. Under the Data Protection Act, dated January 6, 1978, the User has the right to access, rectify, delete, and object to their personal data. The User exercises this right via the contact form available at the bottom of the website.

23.5 Cookies:

The User is informed that during visits to the site, a cookie may automatically be installed on their browsing software. By browsing the site, the User accepts them. A cookie is an element that does not allow the User to be identified but serves to record information about their navigation on the website. The User can deactivate this cookie through the settings in their browsing software.

23.6 Intellectual Property:

Any use, reproduction, distribution, commercialization, or modification of all or part of the MEETZEM site, without the Publisher's permission, is prohibited and may result in legal action and prosecution, as provided for by the Intellectual Property Code and the Civil Code.