Information about Meetzem


Meetzem, how it all started

Meetzem is the story of you, me, and all of us at some point in our lives.

We realized that going out isn't as simple when all our friends are busy or in relationships.

What if all my friends are already taken or in a relationship? What if I'm traveling or just arrived in town and don't know anyone?
What if I'm too shy but want to go out tonight?

Today, I'm mostly condemned to be alone with my cat.

Sure, we'll be told that there are dating sites. But let's be honest, meeting someone through a standard dating app takes days, if not weeks, and actually meeting a "crush" often turns out to be a mission impossible.

Of course, there are also group meetings. But we all know that during these gatherings, there are always "dominant" personalities who will monopolize attention, and in the end, we won't have a real encounter, chat, or the pleasure of spending a friendly moment one-on-one.

We'll just stay in our corner and go home alone, full of regrets.

With Meetzem, you can make friendly encounters with just a few clicks.

Your days and evenings don't have to be synonymous with loneliness.

With our whole team, we created Meetzem to allow you to have a drink, make a connection, and share great moments easily, from your phone or computer, wherever and whenever you want, and with the person of your choice.

And that's what we want! To have the pleasure of a friendly encounter for two, where the conversation will be exclusive. We want the pleasure of knowing that tomorrow, today, this afternoon, or tonight, we'll meet someone, and in the meantime, we'll make ourselves look good, prepare, do our hair, and choose nice clothes.

Here, we don't promise you love (who can?), nor do we promise friendship with a capital 'F.' But we offer you the pleasure and experience of a friendly one-on-one tête-à-tête and a delightful conversation in good spirits.

Meet with confidence

Because the most important thing for us is your well-being, we put extra effort into verifying members and listings.

Each profile and each listing is thoroughly examined.

On Meetzem, all suspicious profiles are rejected. And all reservations go through a banking verification process. We make sure to be the most secure site so that you can book calmly, without any worries :)

Here, no need for 300 right swipes. Wanna meet that person? 'Just Meetzem'! 

So CLICK HERE to look for people near you and meet someone easily!

Got some free time? Make it profitable - we pay you to have a drink on a terrace!

We also thought that many of us have empty evenings or time slots without any plans. Sometimes, we like to stay alone and do nothing, and that's perfectly fine, but other times, not so much. Instead of "wasting" these slots, we could make ourselves available for a few hours a week to have friendly encounters for compensation.

Meetzem truly comes into play here.

It's a win-win situation, and everyone benefits. Post a listing and get paid to have a drink with a member. It's really the best of both worlds :)

So, whether you're looking to make a friendly encounter easily with just a click, or you want to go out and earn some extra income, sign up now and be part of the adventure!"