Information about Meetzem

How it works

How it works

Looking for an outing?

Fill out your profile.

By completing your profile, you give others the opportunity to get to know you better while they review your reservation request. Be sure to add a profile picture and verify your identification - a well-filled profile will be highlighted and preferred by other members!

Search for your ideal outing

For going out, it's as easy as can be! Choose the city where you want to go out and select a person offering availability. 
If you need more information, you can check their profile where you might find the info you're interested in. 
All our members' listings are verified! This is to ensure they comply with the rules, for the well-being and serenity of everyone.

Confirm your reservation and pay online

You can proceed with payment by credit card or PayPal to confirm your reservation.
The Meetzemer you've selected will then review your request before confirming it.
That's why having a verified profile and a profile picture with your best smile is important. A smiling profile is much more likely to be accepted :)
Once your request is accepted, you'll receive a booking confirmation. You can find the details of your reservation by selecting "Settings" and then "Transactions".

If someone sends you a payment link via the Meetzem messaging or outside our platform before a reservation is confirmed, do not accept it under any circumstances. Please inform us through the contact form and provide us with their profile.
All reservations have to be made exclusively through the website

Have your meetup

Once the payment is validated, you can communicate and agree on the meeting place.
The meeting place should be a public location, such as a café, restaurant, or open park. Meetings at places such as someone's home or a hotel are not allowed.
The safety and tranquility of our community are paramount, and any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, ensuring you have the best possible meetup experience.

Be yourself, be smiling. A smile always helps to lighten the atmosphere :)
Prepare in advance the topics you enjoy, your passions... Ask questions to get to know the other person. A friendly meetup should not be a monologue, and also, don't forget, life is not just about work ;)

Remember to leave a review! It will be the best way to receive one in return. The more positive your rating, the more you'll be in demand or easily accepted for future reservations.

Got some available time slots? Great, we'll pay you to have a drink on a terrace :)

Because a few extra euros in your account are always welcome, with Meetzem, you can get paid for spending time and chatting with other people.

Fill out your profile.

By completing your profile, others can already get a general description of you.

Post a listing now

Nothing could be simpler!
Choose your category and gender: whether you are female, male, non-binary, and whether you prefer to meet one or the other of these genders, or have no preference, it's up to you.

Give a title to your listing: for example, "Coffee in Central Park."

Price per hour: When it's your first listing, we advise you to set an attractive price, for example, $15. If the meetup goes well, you'll receive good stars/ratings, and you can increase the price after a few meetups.

Enter a description: This is where you can describe what you do in life, mention your passions, and state your preferences for this meetup. This is how you'll entice others to book your listing.

Provide an address where you want to have the meetup: We'll never disclose the exact address but only an approximate location. The meetup location must always be a public place such as a café, restaurant, or open park.

Add images: The more photos you include, the more chances your listing will be chosen among others.

Publish the listing: The listing will be verified to ensure it complies with the spirit of the community and does not violate any rules. We only publish listings from members who have provided their payment method. This not only shows the person's seriousness but is also the only possible way to send money to your account.

Once published, Meetzemers can book one of the time slots you've made available.
Remember, you can post multiple listings and multiple time slots. The more availability you have, the more chances someone else will book with you :)